Creating a Sandbox Environment For Your Network with Active Directory Labs

August 29, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Active Directory should be monitored constantly.  It is the service that manages access to important files, database information, and other sensitive data. However, configuration changes should not be made arbitrarily. Like everything in IT, a change, any change, needs to be tested.

For example, In this article from ADsecurity about using Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODC) to promote user privilege by impersonating accounts. Changing the core configuration in the RODC may result in some problems, especially in large networks with complicated domain forests relationships.

An Active Directory Lab creates a “virtual sandbox” environment of your network. It allows administrators and security professionals to run battery tests on the network before deployment.  This post is a tutorial on how to set up an AD lab for that very purpose.
– Miyagi Kazuki

Read the source article at PS>Attack

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